Alicia Krupsky is an artist and filmmaker based in Milwaukee, WI. Her work pairs self-discovery, joy, freedom, and subculture with imagery historically considered “villainous”, “creepy”, or “taboo”. She works in documentary as well as print, interviewing vampires, demons, and aliens to showcase their view of humanity rather than the roles that we place them in.

Alicia spends her free time scavenging the internet for music, watching Star Trek, djing in her room, and going to fairs with friends. She lives with 1 cat dragon named Honey who makes sure to stand on the artwork at the most crucial time.

Awards & Nominations

Scholastic Gold Key - 2012
YoungArts Honorable Mention - 2012
Interlochen High Honors - 2013
It’s A Major Deal Showcase - 2nd Place - MIAD 2014
Brico film forward fund recipient - 2021
Best Director Nomination - Twisted Dreams Film Festival - 2023

Featured in
Interlochen Review 2013
Interlochen Arts Academy “Collage” 2013
Interlochen senior thesis showcase 2013
RAWartists Madison 2013
MIAD It’s A Major Deal Showcase 2015
School of Visual Arts Senior Thesis Showcase 2019
Riverwest Public House Coloring Book Day Featured Artist 2020
Wendigo Fest Art Show 2021
Awkward Nerd Events MADE IN NERDWAUKEE 2022
Minneapolis Geek Craft Fair 2022
Madison Maker’s Market February 2023
Qwerty Quarterly:
Issue 01 - Summer 2023
Issue 02 - Fall 2023
Twisted Dreams Film Festival 2023